Strolling through judo


Understanding Jigoro Kano’s project

On the path of Judo, of its origins, its history and its philosophy, here are almost 10 years of regular columns compiled. Lecturing professor in Japanese language and civilization (University of Toulouse Jean Jaurès), author of a thesis on the ambitions of the founder of Judo, Kano Jigoro and the elaboration of Judo – The choice of weakness and its consequences (NALCO), Yves Cadot takes an interest in the sense and the reach of practices, amongst which martial practices, questioning the history, the guidelines and the representations, with as a finality, to attempt to clarify and to detail their numerous facets.
Also a 6th Dan of Judo, as well as a teacher, he has been collaborating with the magazine L’Esprit du Judo since 2006 with a chronicle devoted to the culture of judo.

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