Spirit of Judo #°106 Meditating at the dojo

Meditating at the dojo

From the tradition of Mokuso to the recommendations of neuroscience, how can meditation improve our practice?Improve you judo practice with Arthur Clerget, judo teacher, former french champion and 5th ar the junior world champs 2011 & states degree in psycho-motor consulting, founder of www.experiencedojo.fr Facebook & Instagram @arthurclerget Read this column in our last issue…

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World Dojo, Qatar: a ufo in the desert

Host to the 2023 world championships a few months after attracting the attention of the entire planet by hosting the Football World Cup, Qatar, and its 90% foreign residents, has struggled to exist on the sporting field since its independence in 1971. Not a problem for the Blue Tigers Judo Club of Doha, which has[…]

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Spirit of Judo #°106


READY FOR THE VBT REVOLUTION ? We have long focused our reading of muscle preparation on the discs loaded on the bar. What if the missing link was speed? In these pages, we convert kilos to centimetres per second. Ready to change you mindset ? Our top Physical coach and sport’s teacher Aurelien Broussal-Derval gives[…]

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Spirit of Judo #106. Culture judo with Yves Cadot

KOKOROE by Yves Cadot

Apprehending the world. Without a doubt we can affirm that our action is largely conditioned by our posture, that is to say, etymologically, by our disposition, the position we take to look at things, our vision of the world, in short, our look at it. This posture is transversal in that it is immutable, whatever[…]

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Those who have the privilege, and the age of having taken part in them, still tell that, during the national cadet training camps they followed under the lead of the very respected Jacques Leberre, arriving at the dojo in the morning, they would find him sweeping the mat. It is always the good stories that[…]

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Spirit of Judo #106

Winning faces

Free pas to our photographer : a sequence full of sympathy, trust, self-derision which Paco Lozano wanted to share with us and it is thus a good occasion to say gracias Paco! Will you recognize them all?Read more in Spirit of Judo #106

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